Thursday, January 23, 2014

The League of Super Heroes, Rise of the Super Villain by Celeste Ayers

Very short, lightning fast read. Pretty sure this is either fan fic or something similar. A party game book? Based on a game? It's a first for me - how ever it may be classified. This is the first of several short novellas.
The story:
Reminiscent of the nineteen fifties comic books, this story has the feel and style of an earlier world. It's the culture of super heroes and dime store novels. The real super heroes and villains are men, the women are decor. And before anyone jumps up to point out that Ghost Girl is a super hero - well, sure she is. But she is also a looker and (not surprisingly) has to get rescued. In spite of her cool and highly useful super power. When I read it, I was reminded of watching early 1970s cartoons and that live action Batman show with Adam West when I was a kid. It's that kind of culture that comes through - minus of course the sound effects like 'biff' and 'kerpow' when the action happens.

I'm really not criticizing. This is a super hero/ super villain face off with characters named Justice, Freeze, Ghost Girl, Explosion Man, Muscle Man.. You get the picture.

So how should I rate it? Maybe with a big fist and an exploding guy. It's hard to say. The writing was okay, the story okay... for a very comic booky tale without the graphics (at least my epub version didn't have any). I have to admit I was expecting graphics as the book was found in the fiction sub genre - comics and graphic novels. It was also listed under party games and role playing. Needless to say, I was disappointed. Great cover though. The book is based on or written for a role playing game of which I am unaware.  I recommend it to those with a personal preference for that sort of thing.

The synopsis from Smashwords:
A super hero died last night, it looks like someone is out for blood. The super heroes thought they were safe. They thought wrong. Darkness lurks in the shadows, a darkness the heroes could never see coming. Is there a new threat on the horizon or has one of their own stepped over to a darker path? Super hero and super villain are about to collide in an all out war that will see friends parted and new alliances made.

League of Super Heroes: Rise of the Villain is a story based on the hit party game by Celeste Ayers.

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