Tuesday, August 28, 2012

YA Fairytale with a Twist

Crimson in the Very Wrong Fairy TaleCrimson in the Very Wrong Fairy Tale by Liz Jasper
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Crimson in the Very Wrong Fairytale is an entertaining young adult read. It's also a quick read that I think would appeal to teens who are interested in a good vs evil fairytale with a twist.

The main character, Crimson, is a little socially awkward but essentially good. She has a couple of close friends but secretly hopes to become more popular with her sixteenth birthday party. Unfortunately for Crimson, her wish comes true - sort of.

The idea behind the story is appealing and I found it refreshing that it's almost the opposite of a fairytale. Instead of just being swept up by a handsome prince and given every reward imaginable for being a 'good' girl, Crimson is kidnapped by an evil king (her father) and forced to become the very opposite of good. At least it looks that way. Like any good tale, it's never really as obvious as it seems.

This story has the potential to be the first in a series and I think it could be fairly popular as a series if it does go that way. The friendship between Tod and Crimson is well done and could develop into something more romantic if the story continues. I for one would like to find out.

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