We are authors, readers and indies. Possibly like many of you visiting this site. Currently, three of us share our indie book reviews here. However, on this site (and any other blogs we may have that offer book reviews) you will only find positive reviews. It's not that we haven't read our share of not quite four or five star books - we have. It's just the old saying, "If you can't say anything nice..." Not that this is our mantra by any means - but we're here to let others know when we've found something really good - not just okay - but really good and satisfying to read.

So if you're looking for a good read that falls into the thriller, suspense, horror, mystery - and yes some YA- categories, then check out this site.

Most of the reviews here are by E. but on occasion you'll see a review by P. or C. (YA mostly). We welcome all comments and will accept reading suggestions. We just can't guarantee that we'll read them all. Also, if I'm the one reviewing (E.), my expectations tend to rise significantly with the book price. Please keep that in mind.

If you want a review - please contact me at: itsyournovel at hotmail dot com or through my Goodreads author page. And please remember that most of what we review is thriller or YA material. That said - I do have to draw the line at anything that's got too much X rated content - a little R is okay in some books, but I try to keep things at a mostly PG level.

Finding us on the net:


E.'s author sites:
(Author of Cape Ingénue and Ghost Town - YA/MG. My other novels are currently in re-write mode. What can you do? **it happens).
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E.'s customized paperback website (Yes I customize my YA paperbacks for individual readers.Yes it's a *gak* ugly site. I'm working on it.)

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