Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Upcoming Reviews

Been away for a while so this is just a short update to let you know about some upcoming reviews. I've done some reading and will post the reviews here later this week:

Sundered - Shannon Mayer (zombie-ish thriller, romance, 4.5)
The Saints Go Dying - Eric Hanberg (murder, detective thriller, 4)
Enemy in Blue - Derek Blass (detective, proceedural, upcoming review - next week)

Recent YA reads
Savannah Jade - Sandra Cimadori (not a thriller - life, loss, struggle, drama, romance, YA - but necessary mention - 5 stars)
Pretty Killers - Jordan McKinney (still reading)
The Academy - Nathaniel Simpson (reading - great beginning - a watch for it to be published recommendation)


  1. Thanks for the plug, E! The second chapter is now on goodreads if anyone is interested in reading.

    1. Great reminder! I better add the links here too. Thanks back at ya. I'll get reading Chapter 2 next.