Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Jackpot
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I picked this one up a week ago and I'm oh so glad I did. Five Stars! The Jackpot is a crime thriller that offers you more than just a racing heart and compulsive need to find out what happens next. As a crime/psychological thriller, it's well thought out and intelligent. The characters are  skillfully developed and the reader is so easily pulled in by them. From the first page on, the reader is hooked.

So what's it about? The story grows from such a simple seed: a winning lottery ticket. But when Julius Wheeler, a janitor who works at a swanky law firm and lives in what could be one of the most dangerous housing complexes in Richmond, Va. wins an enormous jackpot he is immediately thrown into a race to save his life.  A 415 million dollar lottery ticket can be a powerful motivator.

The action starts in the first couple of pages. It's the second Julius realizes he's won and just how dangerous a thing that is. When Julius seeks help from the very law firm he CleanSweeps - a safe move he believes at first - he soon discovers it won't be enough to save him. No one is immune to the pull of the money it seems.

Page by page the suspense builds and the reader is met with surprise twists and turns. I thoroughly enjoyed  this novel. In fact, it was half read on the first sitting and I only put it down because I had to. It's as good or better than many crime/legal thrillers I've read that were traditionally published. It's so well written. I recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good thriller. And yes I would pay the full cover price. Worth every penny.
Widowmaker - A Book Just to Die For
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Quite a thrilling read! I picked it up a while ago but didn't have a chance to start it until recently. When I did start it, I just kept on going until I was finshed. It was that good. It was also what I would call a very satisfying piece of horror. It had gore, suspense and an ending I never saw coming. Really, I wasn't even close.

The horror starts right from the begining at a film festival showing of the movie, Terror in the Trees. Horror film buffs waiting outside for the next showing are treated to a gruesome spectacle when they witness audience members trying to escape the theatre in various states of self mutilation hysteria. People die when they watch the film, and sometimes when they aren't even watching the film. There's a lot of blood. Everywhere. Soon an FBI agent is brought in to investigate, and a new depth to the story is created. Humour, romance and several interesting characters flesh it out. Plenty of mystery and suspense are created around the horror movie that kills people.

It was very creative and I really liked that it had an ending I never would have guessed at. The writing was enjoyable and there were references to pop culture throughout. I recommend it to readers of horror, horror movie buffs and yes, teenagers. Quite a thrill read. Definitely worth the cover price.

Next week: Nearly Departed in Deadwood (Ann Charles), Night of the Assassin (Russell Blake)

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