Monday, March 24, 2014

Priceless by Crystin Morgan

 From Smashwords:

A gang of art thieves is running rampage around the world, stealing contemporary paintings from galleries, museums and private collections. International police forces are baffled. To make matters worse the criminals are developing a taste for murder. As events unfold through the pages of the British national press, the outcome is more bizarre than anyone could have imagined.

It is certainly an interesting novella, although in all honesty it might be too short to review. The format is definitely novel: a short story/mystery created entirely through news articles. Just like novels that are composed of letters or journal entries, Priceless offers the reader a refreshing change. Although, creating a piece like this is unique, it does kind of sacrifice flow. So it really depends on the reader whether or not they will like this one. The writing is good and  the mystery okay. (Yes, the mystery is only okay. I think it's just too difficult to build suspense or use all those other nifty devices with this kind of writing.) If you're looking for something very quick and different, I'd say go ahead and give it a try. It was free on Smashwords when I picked it up.

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