Tuesday, September 11, 2012

News and Upcoming Books

Spectacular is the only word I can find to describe this past summer. Consequently, the posts here have been few and far between. But all that fantastical weather and vacationisma has to come to an end sometime. So today it's time to get back to the blog and sharing some news for upcoming things.

First up - I've just finished a indie title that will definitely be worth a look. It's called Opening the Ball by Nathaniel Simpson. I recently received a copy from the author and once the book is fully published with all its links available, I'll be posting the review here. It's a solid YA read that I think will appeal to readers interested in American Civil War historical fiction, military skills ad training. I would suggest it for a few teen guys I know who are known to read every now and then.

Here's the blurb from Goodreads:

Jonathan Chambers isn’t a vampire. He isn’t a wizard. He doesn’t have a girlfriend. His teenage life was relatively normal until a mysterious stranger recruited him to an even more mysterious paramilitary academy for gifted boys.

After years of rigorous training, he and two others are selected for an elite program that will test their mettle and their friendship by sending them back in time to alter the present. On one of the bloodiest days of battle of the Civil War, they will learn a life-altering lesson – that not everything is always as it seems.

Next post will be my review - probably the end of this week.

The second piece of news is that I'll be adding another page to this blog. It's a page to showcase an indie experiment that is just about ready for launch. So what is it you ask? It's a Facebook book. Yes, it's a YA thriller that will be composed online. Starting next week, a small group a indie newbies and teen authors are getting together to start their own chaotic thriller novel. It will unfold over ten weeks, created in one hour spur of the moment sessions. It will be entirely written on a Facebook page and re-posted here - flipped around and made easy to read. We're excited to see how it will all turn out. Look for a post here in the next week to find out when our first session will take place. The Facebook link is here:

Once the book is finished, we'll publish in various formats. It will be free (as an e-book) for a while but once it picks up a following, we'll add a price and ensure all proceeds go to a designated charity (Cancer research is most likely). All authors, editors and illustrators will get credit, and there will be room to add a few newbies to the mix as we get going. So watch for updates here and on the Facebook page. If you think you might be interested in dropping in as a visiting character, let us know. We'll be posting the Prologue next week so you can get an idea about how it works.

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