Monday, March 12, 2012

Upcoming Reviews - Thursdays

Getting organized after another nightmarish fixing session on the desktop. So, upcoming reviews this week:

Resurrect by Kane Gilmour
Here's the blurb and I post the review Thursday. I just started it and have to admit - it's good. I was worried about having to address possible controversy here - but so far it's just a really good action thriller.

In the 1850s, a madman proclaims himself the Son of God and raises an army, taking over half of China. A century and a half later, his descendant and legions of devoted followers plan to take over more than just China.

When alpine engineer and mountaineer Jason Quinn, a man with a past mired in tragedy and violence, meets archeologist Dr. Eva Rayjek after a plane crash in the high Himalaya, neither of them are expecting wave after wave of Chinese assassins. 

Pursued to America, the frozen ice of the Gulf of Finland, and the heights of Hong Kong, Quinn and Eva connect her investigations with the machinations of charismatic shipping magnate and cathedral-builder, David Hong. As a scheme to obtain a private audience with the Pope at the Vatican comes to fruition, Hong's fanatical followers are preparing for global warfare. 

If Quinn fails to stop Hong's plan, the entire Catholic Church just might crumble. 

RESURRECT is the first book in the Jason Quinn series. Fans of Matthew Reilly, Jeremy Robinson, James Rollins, and Clive Cussler should all enjoy this first adventure in the exploits of mountaineer Jason Quinn. 

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